The Arcway

The Arc of Palm Beach County has been paving the way to a more improved quality of life for children and adults with developmental disabilities, and their families since 1958. The Arcway will continue that tradition with the added value of a lasting legacy to our esteemed supporters. Thousands of people will walk The Arcway every year and read about the outpouring of support. The personalized messages and inspirational quotes on the pavers in this walkway will eventually encircle The Arc’s Courim Center. An abundance of pavers of different sizes and designs, is the perfect place to consider giving a gift to strengthen The Arc’s mission and leave a lasting relic for generations to come.


Arcway is comprised of 8”x 8” and 12”x 12” pavers with messages and quotes created by you, our donors, in memory of loved ones, to commemorate a special occasion or milestone, or even to enscribe your favorite quote...your paver is your personal canvas to leave a message that means something to you.

To elevate your message, our mosaic pavers (12”x 12”) are an option that has been created by hand by The Art d’Arc clients. Featured throughout Palm Beach County, The Art d’Arc clients and their hand- crafted mosaics, paintings, and other pieces have brought much attention and strength to our mission.

For your lasting legacy, a custom mosaic paver (12”x 12”) can be created with your companies logo or personal design.

The Arcway Benefactor level is an option for those who wish to leave an unparalleled legacy and is for those supporters who give a gift of $5,000 to $50,000. In recognition of this generosity, donors will receive a handmade mosaic placed in The Arcway.