Adult Services

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Community based life skills training.

Life skills training in an inclusive community-based setting that focuses on social-emotional development, financial management, health, nutrition and other daily living skills necessary for successful inclusion in the community.

Cultural Commitment

The Arc creates opportunities for our clients to enjoy and experience the community through fun, inclusive events. Our group home vehicles make more than 2,400 trips transporting clients to outings. As a result, 90% of adult education clients and 100% of our group home residents advance their personal life goals.

Residential Services

A safe home for adults with developmental disabilities.

Community based homes for adults with developmental disabilities. The Residential Program consists of seven group homes located throughout Palm Beach County which are professionally staffed 24 hours a day. We help adults 18 years or older learn to live on their own by acquiring new skills that enhance their quality of life, while assisting them in achieving their highest level of independence.

What our program offers: Each resident has a personalized plan that identifies measurable, attainable goals, as well as strategies for achieving them. During the day, every resident participates in meaningful activities ranging from day programs to employment. Additionally, our programming provides rehabilitation services that offer supervised training activities to help residents acquire, maintain, or improve upon skills related to daily living such as personal hygiene and social skills.

Supported Living

Training and support for individuals with disabilities to live independently in the community.

Supported Living Coaches assist individuals in developing daily living skills to promote greater independence. Eligible participants are men and women, 18 years of age or older, who have the desire to learn to live in their own community. Supported Living Coaches are available on-call for support 24/7. Types of training include money management, shopping, menu preparation, cleaning skills, safety, and use of public transportation.

Vocational Training Assessment and Testing

The Arc partners with the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide assessment and testing of individuals who wish to work to determine their vocational interests, academic levels, and work skills. The focus of this program is to identify and address areas in which participants need improvement in order to be ready for job development and placement activities. The program addresses behavioral, physical, and emotional barriers that would cause an individual to be unable to obtain or maintain employment in a competitive setting.

Career Transition Program

Providing life skills needed for the workplace and beyond.

We help people with developmental disabilities become independent and involved in the community through a hands on learning experience that teaches them to manage life skills relating to daily living, personal/social and occupational skills.

Who benefits from our program:

Individuals 18 years and older with developmental disabilities are assisted on their path to independence and inclusion through lessons that are designed to help them manage skills related to daily living, personal/social involvement, and occupational activities.

What our program offers: We provide a hands-on learning atmosphere that consist of classes that focus on health, self-advocacy, financial management, social skills, art, and employment.

Many individuals from our Career Transition program also participate in the Arc’s Enclave Employment programs that allow them the opportunity to work in an inclusive work environment while earning a pay check.

Specialized Training Encouraging Participation and Socialization

This program offers small groups and staff ratios, and each participant has a customized plan to their day. Examples of programming offered include arts and crafts, community outings, virtual classes, physical fitness opportunities, and more!

Program Focuses On:

  • Engagement with peers
  • Integration with people of all different abilities
  • Community involvement
  • Personal choice
  • Healthy habits

Program Eligibility: Individuals who are at least 20 years old with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and need support to participate in the community, and who may need limited personal care assistance with feeding and toileting.

Club Arc

Community based recreational programs.

The Arc provides recreational programming that provides life skill training and social events for adults with disabilities to spend time with their peers.

Artisan Programs

Offered at Our North, South, and Courim Campuses

Participation and involvement with the arts has been shown to increase personal self-confidence, creativity, and socialization, and to encourage exploration of new areas of interest. It improves communication skills, teamwork, friendships, and social integration.

This unique program helps individuals with developmental disabilities to hone their artistic abilities, and to also learn business skills. The program teaches money management and customer service to the participants who then have the opportunity to sell their unique products at community venues such as art shows, craft fairs, and green markets.

Technology Training

The Technology Training Program incorporates the various ways that individuals interact and use technology throughout each day. This program offers a self-paced program for learning MS Office, digital art, job search skills, and résumé writing. Our classes include smartphone training, introductory coding, and typing skills.

Recognizing the importance of technology in the workplace and at home, The Arc offers a wide range of computer training classes that include hardware to accommodate special needs-specific software applications.

Employment Services Program

Helping adults secure and maintain employment.

Our supported employment coaches help clients to obtain appropriate employment and then work with them to master their job skills. We also match skilled and qualified individuals with developmental disabilities with businesses seeking enthusiastic and dedicated employees.

Bringing home that first pay check is a milestone for everyone.

To help adults with developmental disabilities achieve this rite of passage, The Arc of Palm Beach County provides supported employment services for individuals who are seeking employment, as well as ongoing support once they are hired.

Our employment specialist is active in the Palm Beach County community; partnering with businesses to learn about, or help to create opportunities for inclusive competitive employment for individuals with developmental disabilities. At the same time, our employment specialist works with clients to find out their interests and skills, so that when a position is available that matches the individual’s abilities and desires, a connection is made.

Types of Employment Services We Provide

Supported Employment through Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD):

This program assists individuals in getting and maintaining jobs with the help of a job coach/employment specialist. Individuals in our Supported Employment program earn a competitive wage with benefits from an employer in an inclusive environment within our community.

Employment through Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

This is a federal-state program that helps people who have physical or mental disabilities get or keep a job.

The Arc of Palm Beach County will assist individuals from VR with pre-employment preparation and job placement. Individuals work with an employment specialist on resume building, job searches and setting up interviews in order to accomplish the goal of employment in a competitive work environment.

The Arc of Palm Beach County offers individuals ages 14 to 22 with self-advocacy and pre-employment skills training. This training and skills program prepares them to enter the work force when they transition out of high school. Individuals can receive one-on-one instruction and assistance in pre-employment preparations. An Arc Employment Specialist assists and supports participants with resume building, job searches, and setting up interviews.

On-the-job training helps people with disabilities get familiar with the work environment. Participants gain valuable work experience while being fully supported by an employer and employment specialist when needed.

Food Service Employment Training

The food service industry in Palm Beach County provides one of the greatest opportunities for participants in this program to secure and maintain employment in this field. Individuals receive training while assisting in the preparation of meals served daily in TJ’s Café, a full-service cafeteria located at our South campus. The individualized training develops skills that include food preparation, cooking, dishwashing, and cashiering, while receiving the opportunity to obtain a Safe Food Handling Certificate.

Collective Employment

This is a group approach to employment where recipients with disabilities work either as a group or individually within an integrated work setting under the supervision of The Arc staff. Our supervised, skilled mobile work crews are available to provide quality, contract services to businesses throughout Palm Beach County.

Collective Employment partners include well-known companies such as Otis Elevator, Pratt & Whitney, and Florida Power and Light Recycling Plant. Other partners include the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Fish and Wildlife, Florida Highway Patrol Station, and Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation. A few services we offer include janitorial, large event cleanup, event greeters, and beach/lake shoreline cleanup.

Participants in our Collective Employment program are employees of The Arc of Palm Beach County. They are making above minimum wage and are supported at work by an Arc of Palm Beach County staff member or the Employment Specialist/Job Coach. They may work up to 20 hours a week.

By hiring The Arc, you are providing job training and placement to individuals with disabilities in Palm Beach County. When you partner with us, you get amazing services and help us achieve our mission.

Contact us at 561-842-3213 to learn how Collective Employment may benefit your business.

Seniors in Transition and Retirement Services

Offering Socialization and Recreation for Seniors

The Seniors Services programming provides meaningful socialization and recreational activities for individuals who have reached retirement age or whose disabilities have progressed and prevent them from performing work tasks. This program offers each participant the opportunity to enjoy friends, stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and engage in community activities.