Their Own Truths

The Art of Sky Cubacub, Riva Lehrer, Jeffrey Mansfield, and David Richards

An exhibition in ArtWorks at The Square, produced by The Arc of Palm Beach County

The exhibition, Their Own Truths: The Art of Sky Cubacub, Riva Lehrer, Jeffrey Mansfield, and David Richards, encompasses recent works by four innovative artists who explore the experience of disability. The collection of paintings, garments, sculptures, and photographs seeks to change perceptions and to open minds. The showing is free and open to the public from December 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023, at The Square in West Palm Beach, Florida. A series of lectures and programs will accompany the exhibition, and a private opening reception will be held on December 4 in collaboration with New Wave Art Wknd.

Sky CubacubSky Cubacub

Sky Cubacub designs artistic garments that are fanciful, colorful, and custom-fitted for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Cubacub was inspired to create clothing that references and reflects on their nonbinary gender and disabilities: debilitating anxiety and an undiagnosed stomach disorder.

Sky Cubacub

Riva Lehrer

Riva Lehrer was born with spina bifida and spent a lot of time in hospitals; both experiences inform her work. She paints intimate and provocative portraits that focus on individuals with a visible disability. Lehrer is a well-known activist for disability culture, and is also a teacher, writer, and speaker.

Sky Cubacub

 Jeffrey Mansfield

Jeffrey Mansfield was born deaf and his early childhood experiences, like attending a school for the deaf, informed his opinions about art, architecture, and their influence on our lives. His work explores how spaces profoundly impact our experience. Mansfield also researches the formation of deaf and disability spaces as expressions of cultural resistance.

Sky Cubacub

David Richards

David Richards’ work combines painted wall sculpture with collage and drawn elements. His art fuses organic, mechanical, and geometric forms, inviting viewers to make their own interpretations. Richards was born with physical disabilities affecting his spine, hips, legs, and feet.


Their Own Truths is curated by Rena Blades and sponsored in part by Related Companies. 

The Square
600 S. Rosemary Ave., Suite 156
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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Event Details

Event Date December 1, 2022
Event End Date May 31, 2023