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Activities & Parent Resources

Need some fun activities to do at home or helpful resources? Check out cool science projects, stretching exercises, baking recipes, movie and TV recommendations, parent resources and educational resources.

Early Childhood Resources

Rain Stick Project

A fun project to do with your child. You will construction paper, tape, scissors, empty roll of paper towel, aluminum foil, and rice.

Three Baby Myths

Hear from our Development Specialist on three baby myths. You will learn if baby walkers are beneficial for babies. If soothing a crying baby is going to spoil them. Just using educational toys will educate your baby?

Color Raindrops Science Project

A great science project to do with your child. You will need water, cup, oil, spoon and food coloring.

Educational Resources

Miss Sara’s Lesson

If you missed Ms. Sara’s class…don’t worry you can view it here.

Home Activities

Message from Chris, AmeriCorps Member

He is sharing the importance of washing your hands and social distancing. Pointers on what to do at home such as listening to music, catch up on TV shows, learn how to play an instrument.

Stretch Exercises

Make sure to stretch everyday at home. In this video there are 4 different stretch exercises that our Stand Up members will demonstrate.

TV Shows and Movie Recommendations

Need something to watch. Listen to what our Stand Up members recommend.

How to Make an Apple Pie

Will, President of Stand Up is sharing how he makes an Apple Pie.

How to Make a Lassi Drink

Colton, Stand Up member shares how to make a delicious Indian drink.

How to Make Oreo Cookie Brownies

Addison, Stand Up member will share how to make Oreo Cookie Brownies.

How to Make a Chocolate Cookie in the Microwave

Lauren, Stand Up member will show you how to make chocolate chip cookie in the microwave. Perfect portion size for one person!

Parent Resources